iPhone Docked Episode 28 - So Close to Perfect/i-Like Pocket Casts by ShiftyJelly

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On episode 28 of the iPhone Docked podcast, we had a treat for our listeners as we debuted a new segment on the show called "The Dev Seg" in which we have a guest iOS developer on to discuss his app and anwser questions about what it's like being a developer for the best mobile platform in the industry. Our first guest was Russell Ivanovic of ShiftyJelly. We talked about his app Pocket Casts, a podcast management app available in the App Store for just $1.99. 

This week my "i-Like" (pick of the week) was Pocket Casts by ShiftyJelly. I am a podcast addict. I listen to hours of podcasts every day. I used to use iTunes to manage all my podcasts. But using iTunes for that purpose has it's disadvantages. First, your podcasts are only updated on your iPhone, iPod or iPad when you sync your device to iTunes. Secondy, podcasts eat up memory. They tend to be very large files and it requires effort to manage the upkeep in your podcast library which requires some cleaning up on your part. Enter Pocket Casts for iPhone:

Pocket Casts solves these problems for me while at the same time giving me many more features and advantages over the iPod (or Music app) on my iPhone. 

To set up Pocket Casts, you will first want to import your current podcasts. Or you can simply search for them within the app and load them that way. Now the app has 4 tabs at the bottom of the screen.

#1: Podcast/Episodes

#2: Now Playing

#3: Search

#4: Settings

In the Podcast view on the first tab, you are presented with a beautiful tile layout of the artwork from all your favorite podcasts. There is also an Episode list view if you choose to browse you podcasts that way. What I like to do is choose the Podcast view and then sort by most recently updated. The episode view is where you download your podcasts. To simplify things, you can just tap the download all icon and then let Pocket Casts handle the sorting and playlist order for you. Speaking of playlists, there is an icon on the Now Playing tab that will allow you to add podcasts into your playlist and sort them in the order you wish or you can simply add all the unplayed podcasts in your library. 

I find the UI a little confusing at first but after a day or two I had it all figured out. I can't say enough how pretty this app is. The interface is beautiful and detailed and there are a couple pieces of eye candy hidden inside the app as well. I will let you discover those for yourself. There are a number of other podcast management apps in the App Store but I find this one to be just about perfect. The developers are active and they like feedback. In the most recent update, the app was given the ability to share what you are listening to with your Twitter followers including not only the podcast and episode details but also the time marker. So if there was a specific part of the podcast you wanted to share with someone, you can point them to the exact segment of the podcast. Nice attention to detail here ShiftyJelly! The most recent update also added episode and artwork details to your lockscreen. ShiftyJelly has other updates lined up as well. 

I am extremely happy with this app and it has found a home on my home screen. If you are a subscriber to the iPhone Docked podcast, download this app and let Pocket Casts send you a push notification every time there is a new episode ready to download for your listening pleasure.

Pocket Casts for iPhone 

Price: $1.99

This is one of those apps that really make you appreciate your iPhone for all the things it can do. Download this fantastic app and see what I mean. How are you managing your podcasts? Does this sound like something you would find useful? Let me know. 

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