iPhone Docked Episode 20: The Fabulous Beta Boys

Episode 20 Summary:

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iPhone Docked Show Notes 6/20/2011

iOS 5.0 Beta
- what are your impressions of it?
- where do you think it could be improved?
- what is your favorite “hidden feature” of the OS

After Mobile Me ends, no more web based apps
- does a web-less mail/contact/doc experience bother you?
- should apple being making web portals for its apps?
- will consumers even be bothered by this?

iPad 2 iOS 5 Mirroring
- do you think apple will push gaming on the TV?
- Will this change the way most consumers game with iPad?
- is this any competition for other gaming consoles?

Apple Reverses In-App Subscription Policy
- why do you think apple reverse its decision?
- should apple drop 30% tax from subscriptions?
- will any apps use this system?

Hulu gives into apple subscription
- is this bad for consumers?
- will this make consumers not want subscriptions?

Apple now selling unlocked iPhone 4
- does this matter for iPhone sales?
- will the iPhone 5 follow suit?
- will you buy your next iPhone unlocked?

Round Table Question

Which iPhone do you think had the biggest impact on your life, and/or the consumer space?

SpiderpodiumTablet Giveaway Winner

Gadget Man 007

This week my "iOS Pick" was an application called PogoPlug. It is meant to work in conjunction with a piece of hardware of the same name. Check out their site here.

Has the fact that no streaming options were announced at the WWDC event got you down? No worries. PogoPlug can handle all that for you. Just visit PogoPlug and purchase a PogoPlug. Then, when you have your PogoPlug ready for setup, go here for instructions. It will guide you through the whole process. Next up, connect any hard drive you wish to the PogoPlug and now you have a network hard drive available to you on your Mac/PC, iPad or iPhone. PogoPlug also offers cloud storage if you choose to go that route. 

All you media is easy to locate as you can search via category or using your existing folder setup just like on your hard drive. PogoPlug distinguishes what kind of media file each one is and sorts it for you if you choose to search that way.

So what are the benefits of a PogoPlug? Well for starters, it allows you to have your ENTIRE iTunes music library (depending on hard drive size) available for you to stream. The controls look very similar to the iPod app you are used to using on your iPhone or iPod Touch. While playlists are not supported, it does sort your library by song, artist, albums and genre. 

You can also stream movies (assuming they were ripped to your library and not protected as are the purchased ones from the iTunes store).

There are also options to share specific folders and files along with shared printing capabilities. 

Perhaps the best feature is the ability to AirPlay these files directly to your AppleTV

PogoPlug has great customer support and they are always working to improve upon their technology.

So if you are looking for a fix for all your streaming needs, this should be a viable option. Especially, given the fact that your computer is not required to be logged in or even on since it only requires a network connection. I highly recommend this device/app.

PogoPlug Hardware Price: $99

Site: http://www.pogoplug.com/products-pogoplug.html

PogoPlug for iPhone App Price: Free

Site: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/pogoplug/id306217576?mt=8

Pros: provides you with your entire media library wherever you have an internet connection, AirPlay enabled, allows for multiple hard drives to be plugged in to the PogoPlug giving you an obscene amount of network drive space, good customer service

Cons: not the cheapest option