iPhone Docked Episode 13 is Out and We Are All About the New iPads

Episode 13 Summary:

This week the Docked crew is talking iPad 2! Join in on this special edition podcast to hear what the guys think about Apple’s latest tablet. The guys also talk some iPhone 5 rumors, data pricing, and how they all like to keep their devices organized. Don’t miss it!

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This week my "iOS Pick" and "iOS Kick" was a game for the iPhone called Infinity Blade. 


How can it be a pick and a kick? The game was good enough to keep me entertained for weeks straight. I played the game until I had nothing left to accomplish. Infinity Blade is beautiful, well designed and some may even consider it a console level game. But after I restored my iPhone, it was quite a blow to find that neither the game nor GameCenter kept my progress saved for me and so I had to start over from the beginning. This did not make me a happy camper. But the game is so fun to play that I have already started that journey once more. You have to experience the iOS masterpiece that is Infinity Blade for yourself. Check out a couple of my battle scenes below: