iOSDocked - EP037 - Light It Up/i-Like GetGlue for iOS

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This week my "i-Like" (pick of the week) was GetGlue for iOS. GetGlue is a social network that allows you to check-in to media related events such as TV shows, movies or even sporting events like last week's Superbowl. It is a great way to keep up with which shows your friends are into and you can jump into an interaction feed and talk about your favorite shows and movies with others. As you check-in, you often earn virtual stickers that are similar to Foursquare badges. These stickers represent your loyalty to particular programming and reward you for specific checkins like season premieres or blockbuster movies as examples. It has earned a spot on the 1st page of my homescreen as I use it nearly every day. It has also been recently updated putting it on par with some of the most beautifully designed apps available. Check out some of the screen shots below:

GetGlue is a Universal and cross platform app that you can download for free today. Be sure to follow me when you get your account set up.