iOSDocked - EP031 - Losing Focus/i-Like Letterpress for iOS

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This week my "i-Like" (pick of the week)  Letterpress for iOS. 

If you were to take the gameplay of Boggle, blend it with the gameplay of Othello and then throw in the strategy of chess, you would have Letterpress. Combine this with the UI awesomeness that comes from the team at atebits and the polished platform that is iOS and you have yourself an amazing game. 

Lying before you is a 25 letter grid. Make words with the tiles, turn the tiles your color and fill the board. When all the tiles have been colored, the total of each color are added and the player who has filled the board with the most of their color wins. But there is strategy involved. You can block an opponent from switching a tile to their color by coloring the surrounding tiles with your color. You also have to keep in mind that you need to give yourself a cushion of points if you are going to allow your oponenent to color the remaining uncolored tiles on the board. 

The game relies on Game Center to find opponents. The game is free but spend the cash, support the developer and for a buck you can play numerous simultaneous games and get in-game themes that provide a fresh look to the letter tile grid.

The game is addictive. It is highly competitive and it is only available on the iOS platform. 

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