iOSDocked - EP011 - Show of a Thousand Tangents/i-(Kinda) Like Sparrow for iPhone


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This week my "i-(Kinda) Like" (pick of the week) was Sparrow for iPhone.

Sparrow is an alternative email client for the iPhone. Why the "kinda like?"

Sparrow has it's plusses and minuses over the default Mail app.

The Pros over the Default Mail App:

It's prettier.

It has some really nice gesture shortcuts that while not necessarily faster, do take advantage of the smooth and elegant UI which makes for a more enjoyable experience.  

There is an option to use different email signatures for different email aliases or accounts. 

There is built-in support to add or take a photo while composing an email. 

Sparrow takes advantage of the group functionality that is built in to your Address Book and will send group emails with ease with quick "cc" and "bcc" shortcuts. 

It uses Facebook to connect to your friends and family members which allows for visbile contact avatars when sending and receiving email. 


Gmail users have the option to make use of the Priority Inbox and assigning labels. (And from what I hear from other Gmail users, Sparrow is a better client than Google's own Gmail app for iPhone.)

Quick toggle in menu bar quickly rotates between Inbox, Unread and Starred Emails.

The Cons Compared to the Default Mail App:

NO push notifications means you only know you have mail when you go in and check for it (or use some hacky work around. Currently, I set the default mail alert tone to go off when I get new mail).

NO option to drop email in folder while viewing email. In other words, you have go back into list view to move to another folder which in my opinion is one step too many. 

To Sum It Up:


With all that I have said, I have been using Sparrow as my go-to mail application. It is good enough as is to make me more productive when going through and processing mail. I hope for more feautures from Sparrow in the future to make this a complete client. Until then, I am not overwhelmingly impressed. However, Sparrow is a polished product and is worth the $2.99 to take your own personal tour.