iOSDocked - EP008 - Health Nuts

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In Episode 008 of the iOS Docked podcast, Jerry Goldbaum and I talk about apps for that iPhone that assist you with monitoring your health and fitness goals. 

2012 is upon us and the start of a new year is when many people like to make changes that will enrich their lives. This show is an insight to how we use our mobile devices to help us make us those changes and how our devices assist us in reaching those goals we set for ourselves. The iPhone is much more than a communication or media device. It can also be used as a helpful tool in monitoring our health condition and active lifestyles.

Our Nutrition/Fitness Goals for 2012

Clay - I set a goal to lose 50 pounds by July 12th of this year. I am a father now and I want to set a good example for my child and I want to be an active parent as my daughter grows up. I am proud to say I have lost 15 of those 50 pounds and I look forward to sharing with you how my iPhone has helped me thus far. Jerry - As a Type I insulin-dependent diabetic for over 40 years, I strive to manage the various aspects of my life, including Blood Glucose levels, diet, exercise, etc. From my days of using Palm OS thru Windows Mobile, and now the iPhone, I have been active in seeking out the best applications to help me manage my diabetes.

Clay’s Apps

Jerry’s Apps

Phone Accessories for Health, Nutrition & Fitness

  • Use the built-in Nike+ app that is already built in to the iPhone OS
  • There are plenty of arm band cases for your iPhone or iPod Touch which make it easier for you to be active without the worry of accidentally dropping your device
  • ibgStar – Connects to iphone via 30 pin and can be used with or without iOS device
  • Blood Glucose testing from the skin