iOSDocked - EP006 - The Jailbreak Episode

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In Episode 006 of the iOSDocked podcast, Joe Lombardo and I talk all about jailbreaking. 

What is jailbreaking?

Wikipedia defines iOS jailbreaking as the process of overriding the software limitations on the iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad designed to preclude the use of applications beyond control from the device’s manufacturer.

How to Jailbreak

The latest jailbreak utility is available at Really detailed tutorials can be found at and

The Pros and Cons of Jailbreaking

  • The Cons
    • The device could become unstable, (not perform as Apple intended in it’s pure form)
    • The device will be more open to possible security threats from hackers.
    • The device could be come unusable (can more than likely be fixed with a restore)
    • The device could have worse battery life.
    • The device may have trouble syncing or updating.
  • The Pros
    • Allows you to install tweaks and other customizations that make your device
    • more capable
    • more original (theming of the entire OS, not just a wallpaper)
    • more productive
    • more cost effective
    • more enjoyable
    • Gives you access to another App Store only limited by the genius of the jailbreak app community.

What are some of the staple jailbreak apps?

  • SBSettings
  • Activator
  • MyWi
  • 3G Unrestrictor
  • OpenSSH

What are some other favorites?

  • Clay
    • Springtomize 2
    • Bytafont
    • Call Bar
    • GV Extensions
    • Display Recorder
    • Barrel
    • Color Banner
    • Color Keyboard
    • Ipsum
    • LastApp
    • Multiflow
    • StartDial
    • Unlock FX
  • Joe
    • AlbumArt On AppSwitcher
    • Applocker
    • AppsCenter
    • BlurriedNCBackground
    • Custom Siri Background
    • CyDelete
    • Fake Carrier
    • Five Icon Switcher
    • HapticPro
    • Icon Renamer
    • Lorem
    • Masks
    • Messages+ (Formally Tlert)
    • NotiCall
    • Rainbow Siri Mic
    • Remove Background Sbsettings
    • SpringFlash
    • SwitcherMod
    • TV Tube Sleep
    • Vexillum
    • Zeppelin

Apps to Avoid

  • Winterboard
  • Any app in a beta stage that has not been exhaustedly used and reviewed by several others first

What jailbreak tweaks would we like to see in the future?

  • A Voicemail replacement app that uses Google Voice in place of visual voicemail in the default mail app