iOSDocked - EP003 - Komodos and Stunads/i-Like Lose It! by FitNow, Inc.

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This week my "i-Like" (pick of the week) was Lose It! by Fitnow Inc

This is a nutrition and fitness tracker application for the iPhone. Lose It! has been in the App Store for a long time. It is one of my favorite applications and it resides on my primary home screen. Obsessed as I am with tracking data, I need an application that fits those obsessive tracking needs. Lose It! fits the bill. It offers a lot of feautres with an easy to use and clean interface. Here is a quick break down of how it works:

Start by entering some information in regard to your starting weight, goal weight, gender, height and birthday. Then select a plan. The plans recommended range from maintaining current weight to losing 2 pounds a week. After selecting your plan, it will give you a daily calorie budget to stay within. Simply track your exercise and food intake using the built in databases or enter your own custom information if you like. Lose It! makes the nutrition tracking easy as it offers a barcode scanning option that will enter the nutrition information off of pretty much any package of food with a barcode on it. Finally, there are options to help keep you motivated by allowing you to share your progress with others and view their progress as well. You can also set up daily motivators to remind you to track your food up to 4 times a day at different time intervals when you have your meals. Finally, you can have automatic daily and weekly reports emailed to you with progress details.

Still not convinced you need to download this app? Did I mention it's free? Get in the best shape of your life in 2012 and try Lose It! to help you along on your journey to a healthier you. Check out the screenshot gallery below. 

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