Episode 15 of the iPhone Docked Podcast: Dude! Just Change Your Wallpaper

Episode 15 Summary:

The Docked Crew is back and this week they are talking Amazon Cloud Drive, WWDC 2011, iPhone 5 camera, Android vs iOS comparisons, and Joe goes on a rant! 

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This week my "iOS Pick" was a game for the iPhone called Tiny Wings. 

Addictive is the word that comes to mind when you think of the new hot gaming sensation for iOS that is Tiny Wings. This was the game to knock the original Angry Birds off the #1 spot in iTunes. Controls are simple. The UI is great. The music and animation is fun. The game starts as the sun rises. Your mission as a little bird with "tiny wings" is to travel as far as you can before the sun sets and you go back to sleep.There are many ways to go about playing this game which is one the biggest reasons for its playability.You can play to achieve the best distance, score the most points or attempt to conquer objectives which gives you the opportunity to score even more points the next time you play. It's fun and it's a great time waster.

Check out some of the screenshots below:

App Store link to Tiny Wings for iPhone: