Do You Have a Minute? An Introduction to My Site

This being my first post, I wanted to start by saying how thankful I am that you are giving me a few minutes of your time. As many of you may know by the posts from my other sites, I am a huge fan of technology. But more specifically, my real passion is in mobile technology. Technology has come a long way and with those advancements, more output is expected from us in regard to what we are expected to accomplish on any given day. There is one thing I think we can all agree on. Unlike the Rolling Stones would have you believe, time is not on our side. Our time is the most precious of all our posessions. Being a husband, a father, a business operator, a blogger and a podcaster, I appreciate any advice that helps me make the most of that time that is so valuable and if you are still reading this post, I am sure that you do as well. 

My objective in creating this website was to offer small digestable morsels of solid and effective advice that have helped me reach an unbelievable level of productivity by using modern tools and systems. I will be taking what I have learned through trial and error as well as what I've absorbed from some of the most respected people in the area of productivity and technology and will be sharing it with you in hopes that it helps you free up your time and save your energy for what matters most in your life. 

And again, thank you for time. I appreciate the investment. Stay tuned...