An androidXperience - The Galaxy Note 2 - Part 3 - Customizations & Tweaks (Things You Won't Find on Your iPhone)

It's been a month now that I have had the Note 2. And yes, I am still enjoying it on a near day to day basis. It's not just about the big screen, the S-Pen, or even the amazing specs that make up the guts of this beast. For me, a lot of my fascination with the Note 2 has to do with some of the modifications that they have made to the software via Samsung's TouchwWiz UI. In this post, I list a few of those tweaks and customizations that make the Note 2 and other devices in (Samsung's Galaxy lineup) a pleasure to use. 

1. One-handed operation:

When one-handed operation is enabled, you can simply tap on the arrow to the left or right of the display and the position of the one-handed enabled application will slide to the edge of the display in that direction. Now of course, this only works with a few of the built-in apps, but I am thankful that they made the 5.5" display a little easier to manage with 1 hand should I find myself in a position where that was required. 

2. Motion: 

The tweaks under this header are plentiful and useful. Here is a rundown.

Quick glance - This gives you a brief look at the device's critical information at a glance by just waving your hand over the device without even putting a finger on it. Get the time, date, battery life, missed calls and text messages without even picking up your phone. 

Direct call - If you are viewing someone's contact information on your phone, simply hold the device up to your ear and boom! You are calling that contact. 

Smart alert - Pick up your device to be notified about missed calls and messages by vibrations.

Double tap - Double tap to go to the top of a contact list, email list or message. You don't double tap the status bar, you actually double tap the device itself. 

Tilt to zoom - Tap and hold at any two points on the display and tilt the device to zoom in and out as desired. 

Pan to move icon - Move device left or right while holding a selected icon to reposition to another page. 

Pan to browse images -  Pan to move left, right, up and down an image when zoomed in. 

Shake to update - Simply shake the device to update your email, weather or stock data.

Turn over to mute/pause - Turn the device over to mute incoming calls or pause media sounds when screen on.

3. S Pen: 

The S Pen gets it's own tweak set including sound alerts when attaching or detacing your S Pen from the Note 2, opening up a notepad upon detaching the S Pen, or my favorite which is the alerts you receive when you walk with the device with the S Pen not in the holster. 

Quick Command settings - With a simple character input of the S Pen, you get immediate access to core functions of the device including: internet search, email, maps, calls, and messages

All these customizations and tweaks make the Note 2 the most innovative smart phone of the year. Do I have your attention yet? 

Part 4: Notifications.......(to be continued)