An androidXperience - The Galaxy Note 2 - Part 2 - The Settings Menu

Part 2: Settings Menu

Who doesn't love setting their new toy up for the first time? I know I do. Upon receiving a new device (which is usually an iOS device), the first thing I do is head straight for the settings menu. I was actually surprised at the similiraties between the iPhone and Note 2 in this regard. What does stand apart though is the color scheme choices. The Galaxy Note 2 Settings UI is simple, but elegant with a beautiful white text on bare-boned black background that simply looks sexy. Apple on the other hand, has decided for the 5th year in a row to go with a color scheme (and I hate to say this), but very reminiscent of those damn Dallas Cowboy colors

Aside from the polar opposite color choices, there is not much difference in the top level of the Settings menu. You have your basic settings options: Wifi, Bluetooth, etc..but the one thing that separates Android from iOS is the more robust Accounts menu. You get Facebook and Twitter on the iOS side but the options on the Galaxy Note 2 are only limited to what you install on your device when running Android. But this is just the beginning. If you dig just even a liittle bit on the Galaxy Note 2, you will see a World of customization you can bet your ass you will never ever see from Apple. 

What are some of those customizations? I can't wait to share Part 3 with you....

Part 3: Customizations and Tweaks.......(to be continued)