TEKTOK Podcast - EP064 - The Superhero Conundrum - Sweet TEK Pick - Really Bad Chess

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This week my "Sweet TEK" (pick of the week) was Really Bad Chess by Zach Gage. 


I’m by no means a chess fanatic but I do enjoy a game here and there. Really Bad Chess differs from regular chess in that it’s more of a puzzler than your standard chess match. The game offers such features as a new Daily Game Board where the pieces are different, the placement is different and the skill level is different. There is also a ranking system where you can improve your global ranking with every win. How you win is also important. The less moves it takes to claim victory, the better your ranking results will be. The game is free to download, but for a little extra cash via in-app purchases, you can theme the look of the gameplay. 

When I have 10 or 15 minutes to kill, this is a good place to visit. It is a game that is fun to play yet it’s challenging and it gives your brain some good exercise. If you know how to play chess but haven’t played in some time. This is a great way to rediscover the game. Enjoy!