TEKTOK Podcast - EP061 - Who Need Humans Anyway - Sweet TEK Pick - Castro

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This week my "Sweet TEK" (pick of the week) was Castro


Castro is a podcast client with all the cool features of the other premiere podcast clients out there but there is a twist. Castro puts the user in complete control of what is playing next.

This is how it works. You import all your favorite podcasts. You then go into the settings for each podcast you listen to and make a decision to automatically add each episode to next in the queue, last in the queue or to place in the Inbox where you can go in at a later time and decide what you want to do with each individual podcast. Castro also makes this triaging of shows just as easy right through notifications. Now there is no iPad app currently but CarPlay & the Apple Watch are both supported

I’ve been asked why I have chosen this client over the likes of others like Overcast & Pocket Casts or Apple’s very own Podcasts app and the answer for me is simple. My time is important. I want to listen to the episodes I am most interested in. Castro gives me the ability to set up my episodes for the day and press play. That’s all I need.

Your other favorite features are there as well. Side-loading, favorite shows, trim the silence, playback speed, skip settings, skip intro settings and Siri Shortcuts are just some of the features. With a modest subscription price of $9 a year, you will have access to even more features including choosing from one of over a dozen icon choices.

This client is worth checking out. It’s an original take on podcast playback and it’s one of the best looking clients I have found. Download it today. And check out my interview with the dev team from back in 2017.