TEKSide Mix-December 2018


I bring you guys the last bit of 2018: my December favorites!

I typically spend a lot of time looking through recommended playlists, artists and songs but December when you’re not a child is hectic! This playlist became the equivalent of leftover night. You know… the end of the week, where there’s no energy left to the task of cooking or grocery shopping, so you see what’s accumulated from the various dinners. iTunes shuffle algorithm never fails and eventually just generates those songs/albums I listen through. Some I re-discovered because my hands were busy and I couldn’t reach any of my devices.

I caught a showing of Bumblebee, and that’s where The Smiths feature comes from! — I love looking through movie/show playlists made by Spotify users because they're so thorough and include every song that the official soundtracks tend to leave out.

I’ve also included two covers because I couldn’t decide and I realized I didn’t have to! Like A Virgin by Madonna is covered in such a unique way by Caught a Ghost and Addicted to Love by Florence + The Machine.

Like leftovers, this playlist randomly came together but gets the job done!

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