TEKSide Mix-July 2018


Knowing that my playlist choices came from all sorts of places - speakers + Siri in a department store? Check! - Not just one streaming service, I decided to write them all down on my bullet journal first. Made it so much more comfortable than screenshots on my computer or iPhone. 

The first song is the cover song of the month: Tiny Dancer by Elton John. This cover is by Florence + The Machine. I listened to it about ten times a day since I was introduced to it in the cool down part of a SoulCycle class. This is the only, somewhat, unrelated song in the playlist. If Google is to be relied on blindly, this was written for the women behind the band members who take care of everything behind the scenes. 

The rest of the playlist deals with romantic love. Various levels of it because apparently, I couldn't stick to one single mood in July. There's two from my personal (iTunes) library that is the opposites. One is about a crush (Things I'll Never Say by Avril Lavigne) and the other about going through your SO's phone and getting heated discovering things you don't like/suspected (Thru Your Phone by Cardi B). The rest of the songs are everything in between. All thanks to Discover Weekly from Spotify! 

I had a lot of fun with this one, I hope you all enjoy!

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