TEKSide Mix-June 2018

June2018Cover copy.jpg

June didn't have a lot of new (music) releases that I eagerly awaited. Instead of seeing what Spotify thought I'd like, I spent the majority of the month in other's playlists. I mainly follow artists there but there are a few individuals with similar taste in music that I've added. That's where most of these jems. 

The three that were not, were from previous iTunes purchases. I downloaded Leon Bridges' first EP, he released a new album and Beyond, the song in this playlist, reminded me more of his first singles. 

I don't think I'd call myself a Lily Allen fan. I know there was one song a few years back that was very popular and even then I passed. From the playlists of those I follow, I previewed a few songs of her latest album and quite enjoyed the entire thing! Unexpected and surprised it somehow piqued my interest but glad it did. 

The cover I chose for this months list is Girls Just Want To Have Fun. The original version is cute and fun but I liked the contrast of the chorus on this one. It's one of the Spotify Singles by Charlotte Lawrence, Nina Nesbitt & Sasha Sloan.

 I hope you all enjoy it as much as I do.

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