TEKTOK Podcast - EP054 - Trials & Tribulations - Sweet & Sour TEK Pick - Screen Time

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This week my "Sweet TEK" (pick of the week) was not so sweet. As a matter of fact, the verdict is still out on this one as the feature is now in beta and has not been working reliably.

Screen Time for iOS 12 was announced at Apple's WWDC event back in June, and it is Apple's attempt at giving the user control to help cope with their lack of self-control. 

In public beta 2 of iOS 12.0, Screen Time quit working all together immediately crashing upon launch. Beta 2 fixed that issue but with the fix came more problems. Now it appears that if an app shuts down due to the "Downtime" set, the button the user is to push to request for more time does not work. This is the beta life. You can't complain, but we do anyway. 

I am a fan of the idea behind Screen Time. Becoming more aware of how my time on my iPhone gets spent, opens my eyes to time invested vs. time wasted. Downtime, a tentpole feature of Screen Time has really pushed me to get to bed on time. I have used 3rd party apps to simulate these features up until now but full integration natively from Apple (once it works as advertised), will just be awesome. 

There is more to Screen Time, such as having the ability to set time limits by app category, access to more powerful parental controls and a less distracting view of your lock screen first thing in the morning. 

I'm curious, what are your thoughts on Screen Time? Will you be making use of these new tools or ignoring their existence?