TEKSide Mix-May 2018


Another month, another playlist. 

This playlist turned into comfort listens for me. Often replayed artists but with newer work. There are a few repeat offenders: Exes, Léon, & Noah Cyrus. They're present in a few of this year's playlists because they have such unique voices and styles. 

The other songs on this list are just great suggestions from the Spotify algorithm. You can go into any playlist and scroll to the bottom of the page for recommending songs based on the playlist. It's a gold mine of your musical preferences! 

The chosen cover for this month is Stand By Me, covered by Meiko. She's actually one of the first indie albums I purchased. Due to this, iTunes suggested her most recent work which included covers! This one was my favorite out of all of them. 

I hope your ears enjoy. 

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