3 Handy Todoist Tips Every User Should Know About

If you follow TEKSide or me on Twitter, you will notice that over the weekend, I posted three handy tips for Todoist users that I find incredibly useful and productive. For those that missed out on those, don't fret. Here they are: 

1. Here is a handy @todoist tip for iPhone users! Create a task out of a voicemail! #TEKSideTodoistTips https://workflow.is/workflows/217225935cc345769226b34a68504751

2. Here is another handy @todoist tip for iPhone users! Link a task to another app with URL schemes #TEKSideTodoistTips

3. Here is another handy @todoist tip! It’s the Ultimate Todoist Start Page! #TEKSideTodoistTips

I call it !!Outlook!!

Filter setup: P:Inbox, @Waiting, Overdue, Today, Tomorrow

πŸ“₯ Inbox (need to process)
🐌 Waiting (on someone else)
🚩 Overdue!
🌞 Today tasks
πŸ•Ÿ Tomorrow tasks