TEKTOK Podcast - EP051 - Apple Experiences & Twitter Woes - Sweet TEK Pick - Calzy 3

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This week my "Sweet TEK" (pick of the week) was Calzy 3.

Calzy is a phenomenally robust and beautifully designed calculator app for iOS. It has all the basics, but it also has some other tricks up its sleeve; history tape, tax calculations, and an intuitive gesture-based interface to name a few. Calzy takes advantage of all the latest developer APIs. It's universal, with fully featured apps on the iPhone, iPad and the Apple Watch. The iPhone and iPad are also equipped with widgets and iMessage apps. And for you iPhone X users out there, the true black theme is slick! Oh, and speaking of themes, Calzy has that too. Pick the color theme you want and the home screen icon that best compliments your home screen. 

If you need a simple calculator app, Calzy is a great pick. But it can also be an app for users requiring a little more out of their application. If you want a calculator that is attractive as hell, this is it too. 

Get Calzy 3 in the App Store today for just $1.99.