TEKTOK Podcast - EP049 - Carrier Bad, Product Meh, Apps Good - Sweet TEK Pick - HomePod

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This week my "Sweet TEK" (pick of the week) was the newly released HomePod by Apple.

I am not a stranger to smart speakers, and I wouldn’t go as far as saying Apple’s HomePod is one. What I would say is that the HomePod is perfect for those Apple customers already heavily invested in their ecosystem of products and pay for a subscription to Apple Music. There are tons of reviews out there already, and I’m not about to write 10,000 words about this product. What I will say is I’m listening to a lot more of my music since my purchase of the HomePod than ever before. It’s been a while since I have been able to listen to my favorite tracks at the high measure of quality that this device provides. Add to the fact, that essential Siri integration is built in, and I am just pleased. I don’t think it’s overpriced. It’s a premium product for those that value Apple quality and love their music and aren’t overly annoyed by Siri’s limitations. Get the HomePod here. It retails for $349.