TEKSide Mix-February 2018


February, for the most part, was a little colder in the Sunshine State. Well, colder than the scorching heat we typically experience. I considered that when working on this playlist cover. In January, I worked on a lovey-dovey playlist (here). This monthly playlist turned out to have a couple of not feeling the love type of songs. Hence the cover; feeling it or not, we all go down the same.

Almost a year ago I wrote a note to look up this one song in an episode of Grey's Anatomy. That show plays the best, most heart-wrenching, songs. Well, I deleted the app I was using at the time and forgot. A couple of weeks ago, I re-downloaded it and well... Hello, Faith by Sleeping At Last.

The cover I chose for this love-filled month is It Must Have Been Love by Kaiak. A couple of others are artists whose music I've purchased, and iTunes curated this 'new music from your artists' list. Overall it's a mellow collection but great in the background as well. 

Hope you all enjoy!

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