TEKTOK Podcast - EP048 - Charging Up a Hot Cup of Coffee - Sweet TEK Pick - Ember Coffee Mug

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This week my "Sweet TEK" (pick of the week) was the Ember coffee mug.

I love coffee. It starts every day off right. I get up in the morning. I brew a pot, and I get to work. I often sit at my desk for 3-4 hours every morning as a start to my day. I grab a cup of coffee, and I sip it….. and sip it…… and sip it……and then, suddenly I realize that my coffee has gone cold. So I dump it out and fill the cup once more. 

The Ember makes that first cup of coffee extra special. It retains the optimum temperature that is perfect for me. At maximum temp, the coffee mug maintains a toasty 145°.  Now my coffee is perfect to the last drop. 

The Ember coffee mug comes equipped with a charger/coaster. Leave the mug here when not in use so the mug can be fully charged for your next cup. Now I do wish the charge held longer than what it does. I typically drink coffee over the course of a couple of hours. The Ember coffee mug seems to hold a charge for about 1 hour, and then it tends to lose its effectiveness. This device also comes equipped with an iOS app featuring temp controls and options for notifications, so you know exactly when your coffee is the perfect temperature. You can find the Ember coffee mug on their website or at your local Starbucks. The Ember coffee mug retails for $79.95. 

Now how about that cup of Joe?