iOSDocked - EP125 - Back From a Holiday Hiatus - iLike Ruky 6000mah Extended Battery Case for iPhone X

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This week my "iLike" (pick of the week) was the Ruky 6000mah Extended Battery Case for the iPhone X. 

What if your iPhone could last up to 2 full days without a charge? What if you had the freedom to go about your day oblivious to the status of your battery? What if you didn’t need to spend any more money on additional power cables for your home, your office or your vehicle? It almost sounds futuristic, doesn’t it? Well that’s because the future has arrived. Now you can find the epitome of all iPhone accessories. An accessory that offers you both protection and power at a cost half the price of name brand extended battery case makers. For $39.99, the Ruky has completely changed how I think about battery cases. It has a minimal footprint event though it lends an additional 6000mah of power to your iPhone when it needs it. 

Here is a positive and a negative outside of the battery conversation. The positive is that this case works with magnetic mounts. The negative? You will have to learn to live without wireless charging. But hey! You will only need to charge once every day or two anyway ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. 

If your are starving for freedom and your iPhone is hungry for power, this case is for you. Pick it up here at Amazon for just $39.99!