TEKSide Mix-January 2018


January was a really good month for music in the algorithm world. The Spotify bots knew exactly what my ears needed to hear. 

If you read the Favorites 2017 entry, you know that an artist that I was shocked to fall in love with was Noah Cyrus. I listen to the radio often and I seldom hear any of the songs Spotify keeps recommending me (by her) yet they all end up on replay. I love them all! I feel a little weird because she's a teenager but this is my payback for making fun of those grown women in love with the Bieber kid and that English boy band that was popular for a while. Either way, another one of her songs made it to this playlist. 

I keep the number at 10 and, this month, I had to eliminate three. That's when I realized I didn't have a cover. I like to keep it as authentic as I can. I like it to truly represent my current obsessions and listens. I didn't listen to any real covers BUT... I usually have background noise when I work. This takes on the form of some show I've seen 200 times, know verbatim and should probably stay away from (Hi, Friends + Buffy!). This month, I've spent more time on Hulu. They tend to play for hours before interrupting you to ask you if you've gotten a life yet. The re-runs I've been abusing on this platform are Full House ones. I've seen them all dozens upon dozens of times but there's that nostalgia. Based on this, I picked the theme song cover that Carly Rae Jepsen covers for the reboot, Fuller House.

I'm loving this playlist and I hope you all get something out of it. 

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