TEKSide Mix-November 2018


My typical process for these playlists is listening throughout the month and taking a screenshot as a song stands out, and I find myself replaying it. By the end of the month, as I’m putting my playlist together, I tend to notice the pattern in my listening. My emotional state, in a way. We tend to get swept away in the daily routine that only the traumatic or exciting tend to stand out.

November was the month of gratitude and, boy, am I truly grateful for all. However, November was rough and, because of it, the playlist turned out soft.

I haven’t explored a lot of Spotify lately. Most of these came from my music collection, and the few times I went into iTunes to see what was new. A few favorites released new music towards the end of November, there’s a song played in the credits of a movie I landed on by channel surfing (James Morrison), and the rest of these songs are the ones I’ve ignored in artists’ albums for their more mainstream ones.

All in all, it’s one of my favorite playlists. Hope you all enjoy as well.

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