TEKSide Mix-December 2017

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December is a month that made my Spotify suggestions all misses. I think it's due to the two playlists I kept playing were piano Christmas songs and one of their sleep ones. As one can imagine, the algorithm bots where trying to knock me out during work hours!

By playing a couple of previous months radio playlists (on Spotify) I was able to force the bots to generate something worth the monthly fee! 

Ansel Elgort (the actor) came up a few times and right as I was starting to feel insulted by the bots, I got to one that I quite enjoyed. I wanted to hate it, but Baby Driver knows music, ok? 

And a blast from the past is our cover this month. -Only Hope sang by Mandy Moore, covered by Alex G and Gustavo Guerrero.-  I recognized this song from the A Walk to Remember soundtrack. Let's not judge our middle school choices, but that soundtrack is pretty good! 

I hope you all enjoy.

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