TEKSide Mix-2017 Favorites

One very cool feature from Spotify is their end of the year "Your Top Songs" playlist. A collection of your most played songs sounds simple but this was the first year I made the full switch to Spotify and it was much more precise than the previous years. Sorry, iTunes. 

In my 2017 Top Songs (via Spotify) I found a lot of songs trekked over from the 2016 Top Songs. I'm surprised I'm able to put together a playlist every month with the undeniable proof that I listen to the same ten songs from 2016. 

Said playlist was used in the makings of this one: Favorites 2017. I didn't just stick to most played because they're not necessarily my favorites. 

I featured Exes twice because this duo was my favorite musical find of 2017. I love the melodies and their nostalgic stories. 

One I did not expect to like so much was Noah Cyrus. Let's be honest. Celebrity siblings trying to break into the same field as their famous siblings are cringe-worthy, most times. The first single of hers I heard, I thought it was too much like her sister. A lot of singles and collaborations happened during the last half of 2017 and she found herself in the indie community and Spotify bots pushed her on me and ... I loved! I heard a little more individuality in her voice the more she collaborated with certain (indie/folksy) artists I enjoy. 

I have noticed I include Imagine Dragons multiple times during the year. I really like their sound and music, very catchy and upbeat. I decided to include a mix they did including their song Thunder and Young Dumb and Broke. It blends beautifully. 

I hope you all enjoy my favorites! 

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