TEKSide Mix-August 2017


This will be the first time I include three (yes, three!) songs from the same artist.

In 2015, my obsession with Wet (group) started. Their sound is very unique and to this day, they're my most played. Whilst listening to Wet, I launched the Spotify Radio for similar recommendations. -Creature of habit does not want to stray too far!

One of those songs included was from the band Exes. I clicked on their Spotify profile and spent the next week listening to their entire discography. These three, were the ones I replayed most and currently have in the background as I work on this entry. Bands with women as the main vocalist is my new type and I refuse to fight it. 

I had a couple of covers I really really enjoyed. I'm trying to feature ones that provide a different sound from the original but still something one recognizes. The Japanese House covered Landslide with said requirements. You can nod and sing along but their own sound still carries the lyrics. 

The other songs that make up this playlist are ones recommended to me via Spotify. It's been doing a great job this Summer. I probably just jinxed my Fall recommendations. 

On iTunes, unbeknownst to me, I had albums that had not synced to my iPhone. I have 'sync all music' selected (hi 128GB!) which makes it a bit more difficult to see where the errors (if any) lie. One of these albums was Bionic by Christina Aguilera. It was released years ago but it's the last one of hers I truly enjoyed. One of my favorite songs from that album is You Lost Me. When she performs live, she tends to get carried away with riffs and runs but the embellishments in this particular song make it the most beautiful of arts. 

I hope you all enjoy this month's mix.

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