TEKSide Mix-July 2017

Another month, another playlist! 

I was either out of the music loop or the month of July didn't really have any "great" releases. There was an email notification from Spotify about a new single by X Ambassadors and that was about it. Of course, I did include it in the playlist because my ears liked! 

There are two songs that were found because they were just a PR job well done. Lana Del Rey and Selena Gomez were all over popular lists and I always take a quick listen to music that I don't typically lean towards because there's always hidden gems in plain sight! Selena Gomez's is just a single but very catchy, whilst Lana Del Rey (feat The Weeknd)  is from her newest album, which is very poppy but, still, very Lana. 

The cover for this month still gets me emotional within the first twenty seconds. It's 'Somewhere Over the Rainbow' by Ariana Grande. She performed it as a closing tribute to the Manchester victims on her One Love Manchester benefit concert (in June). Of course, the context and even her own emotional response to it sets the tone but it just makes it that much more powerful. Truly wonderful. 

For the first time, I relied on Spotify Radio. I typically avoid it because it's six songs on repeat. Or at least that's how it seems to me. I've been listening on my computer, going from a song I love and seeing what new songs I can obsess over, and there's a lot more variety and right on point, at least this month. It didn't matter what song or artist I started the radio from, it was great listening and very minimal skipping. I'm continuing this (instead of relying so much on the weekly discovery) setup and hopefully I have a couple of new discoveries to share with you guys next month.

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