iOSDocked - EP118 - iPad Jeers & Beta Tears - iLike Incase Snap Jacket for the 13.3” MacBook Pro

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This week my "iLike" (pick of the week) was the Incase Snap Jacket for the 13.3" MacBook Pro. 

Scratches. They are the worst. Am I right? Especially when you get one on that pretty Apple logo in the middle of your MacBook. Well I'm not looking at that scratch anymore. I normally place my MacBook Pro inside my laptop bag right alongside my trusty (cased) iPad. How my MacBook got scratched? Well that's a mystery. But since I know now that no place is safe, I have decided to add a little cosmetic protection to my MacBook. Luckily for me, Incase has just the case for the job. Not only does it offer the minimal protection I was after, but it does so with the style. Take a gander at the gallery above for a closer look. If you are still one of those crazy kids that uses a laptop running macOS to get work done, and you would like to protect the beauty of your investment, check this case out. It will cost you a good $70 but I think you will be presently surprised, just as I was.