TEKSide-Mix-June 2017

One of the songs I included in my August (2016) playlist was 'In the Name of Love' by Martin Garrix and Bebe Rexha. As I scrolled through new music on Spotify, I played the preview of a song with a similar name. It turned out to be a cover by a gospel singer! I looked through her page on Spotify and there's no way I'd ever give it a change if Spotify didn't bundle new releases they way it does; in one big category instead of categories within categories. Like I've mentioned before, there are things Spotify knocks it out of the park with. 

So that's our cover for the month of June. I really like the softer approach to the chorus. No lyrics, just the tune you'd recognize and sing along with if you've ever listened more than once.

A couple of the other selections came together over the last couple of days. A lot of albums and singles were released the last week of June. Basically, my music listening was non-existent the first three weeks and the last four days was headphones in twenty three hours a  day. 

This is the perfect playlist to unwind with and I hope you all enjoy!

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