TEKSide Mix-May 2017

I was stuck in traffic as I gave a last run-through to May’s playlist. I quickly realized an (unplanned) theme was happening.  All the selections are easy listening. Calming on a long drive, or busy afternoon. I think it had a lot to do with my driving than usual happening during May and I gravitated towards something I could roll down the windows with and relax (as best one can in traffic).

Most of these are artists are known to my iTunes library. I was browsing for new music and that ‘New From Your Artist’ tab was where all the magic was at. The one I didn’t really have an idea on was this month's cover. Once I realized I had a theme going on, I wanted to keep to it. ‘As Long As You Love Me’ by Sleeping at Last was the winner. It keeps with the mood and it takes us back to when boy bands ruled the music charts! 

I hope you all take a listen, sit back and relax!

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