TEKTOK Podcast - EP041 - Showing Our Age - Sweet TEK Pick - Mophies Wireless Charging Accessories

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This week my "Sweet TEK" (pick of the week) was Mophie's new suite of wireless charging accessories for iPhone. 

With a new iPhone announcement certainly on the horizon, one may ask. "Why in the World would you invest this much in accessories just months away from a new iPhone?" That's a valid question. And not one that I have a very logical answer for. But if you are reading this post because you are curious about what Mophie is doing with their accessory lineup? Read on. 

Mophie has had a nice run with their dual purpose smartphone cases. Not only do they recharge your device when you need it, but they also offer pretty solid protection. But with the latest additions, they have taken charging to a whole new level. The new Mophie battery cases can now be charged wirelessly, assuming you buy the complimentary pieces that is. Whether you are looking for a desk mount, a car mount, a power brick or a standard wireless charging pad, Mophie has you covered. And be assured that when you combine the power of these items, low battery concerns become a thing of the past. This link points to everything you need to know about all they offer on my current favorite smartphone, the iPhone 7 Plus. However, they support several other models as well as the Samsung Galaxy line. 

Yep, these items come at a cost. But the convenience of no more cables combined with the ability to always have plenty of battery around made my purchase decisions easy. What about you? Are these items something you have considered? Have you already purchased one of these new Mophie products? What are your thoughts?