TEKTOK Podcast - EP040 - Streaming in the Present, While Dreaming of the Future - Sweet TEK Pick - Daily Budget

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This week my "Sweet TEK" (pick of the week) was Daily Budget for iOS. 

This app has been tremendously useful in helping my significant other track expenses day to day. But that's not where the app truly shines. Daily Budget is designed to assist you in helping you maintain a budget by breaking your budget app into manageable amounts per day. Watch in real time as purchases affect your budget in the days ahead and how your savings will be assessed to your allowances in the forthcoming days as well. It's really intuitive. There are some in-app purchase add-ons that will allow the app to become even more functional. My favorite of these paid features being Dropbox Sync turning this app into not just a budgeting app for an individual but for the whole family. Is this app for you? Check it out. It's getting stellar reviews and I'm pretty sure you will review it the same. Check the gallery below for some in app screenshots.