TEKTOK Podcast - EP038 - Smartphones or Spouses - Sweet TEK Pick - DirecTV Now

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This week my "Sweet TEK" (pick of the week) was DirecTV Now from AT&T.

I was skeptical at first but soon learned that the bargain price I acquired this service for was nothing short of amazing. A few months ago, the DirecTV Now Go Big Plan as offered to early adopters for $35 a month and as a bonus for signing up, a free 4th generation Apple TV would be thrown in to sweeten the deal. Little did I know, the combination of these two items would allow me to "cut the cord" in my home. No longer would I need to pay for the overpriced, outdated and underwhelming package bundled with my internet service. Now I take my TV service with me everywhere and I saved $100 by eliminating the cable TV/DVR service that I found myself already using less and less prior to the switch. We said goodbye to the living room DVR and replaced it with the free Apple TV I received. AT&T also did me another solid, as a "Thank You" for my early adoption, they also bundled in a year of HBO for free. Game of Thrones baby!! Although the deal I acquired expired some time ago, there is still some real value in the service. You should really check out their web page for more information and see if it's something that would work for you. 

This is the future of TV. I can see that clearly now. All you channel surfers will be pleased to know that swiping through channels is just as easy as hitting the channel change button on your favorite remote. The home screen presents you with a list of the most popular shows currently airing. There is a list of movies available on demand. Some of the channels even offer on demand play of recently aired episodes. I'm digging it. Local channels are missing but that's a small price to pay for me as I honestly didn't watch them anyway. Your thoughts on that lacking feature may be a deal-breaker but I'm surviving without them. I'm happy with the service, the offerings and most importantly the price. 

Now if you'll excuse me, I have some TV to watch.