TEKSide Mix-January 2017

January, my music listening took place in Spotify and Apple Music. I thought it'd be a good idea to try (again!) Apple Music. I'm still not convinced of it knowing me well enough and I was lost the entire time. I still have time left on my month but I have long ago canceled it. I really need to stop reading so many reviews that end up confusing me about my choice. Spotify, my apologies for my wandering ear. 

The one thing I'm always sure of is my favorite artists. Meaning, I'll always pre-order their albums as soon as I see them available. This was the case with a couple of songs in this Playlist. The XX (an indie pop group from the UK) released I See You at the beginning of the year. They have yet to disappoint and the real challenge was including only one song (I did though).

Father John Misty and The Paper Kites are ones that have been in past playlists and have come back for seconds.

Now, there's one EP that surprised me by how much I loved it. I really don't like John Mayer, as a person. This goes back to what I gathered of him from that one time period where he was on every gossip site. The man is very talented and it's a shame to see such talent reduced to gossip weeklies. I have a couple of his albums, and it was suggested for me by iTunes. Previewed the 4 song EP and I immediately purchased. It's my most listened to album, thus far. It's a great blend of sounds, there's depth and each song can stand on it's own. He's releasing four songs each month and this sucker cannot wait! 

I hope your ears enjoy. 

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