TEKTOK Podcast - EP036 - Somewhat Political - Sweet TEK Pick - Today (Habit Tracker)

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This week my “Sweet TEK” (pick of the week) was Today - Habit Tracker.

2017 is upon us. Like I do every year, I made list of areas that could use improvement in my life in regard to work, home, intellect, spirituality, physical and mental wellness. I wanted something more than a calendar and a checkmark to track my progress. Enter Today, the ultimate tool for handling all your tracking, logging and journaling needs in the quest for a better you. The strengths of the app lie in it's customizations. See the screenshot gallery for details. This app is now a mainstay on my home screen as I use it multiple times a day. It's rewarding, fun to use, well designed and easy to use and get started. Check it out. There is a better you out there. Go build it.