TEKTOK Podcast - EP047 - Sharing Feelings - Sweet TEK Pick - Clarity - Wallpaper Editor

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This week my "Sweet TEK" (pick of the week) was Clarity

Clarity is a really straightforward and clever utility that aims to make your favorite wallpapers even better. It offers 3 different very distinct features

  • Mask - darken areas of the wallpaper where you want critical information such as the system clock to pop against a darker background
  • Blur - adds blur effects of varying degrees to your wallpaper. I use this feature all the time to contrast the original wallpaper for the lock screen with a blurred for the home screen. The color range remains the same so they simply complement one another while letting the apps be the focal point of the home screen
  • Gradient - simply cycles through different colored gradients. When you find one you like? Save it. 

This cool little tool gets used by me all the time. Clarity is free in the App Store on your iPhone. It comes highly recommended.