TEKSide Mix-November 2017


November was a month I heavily concentrated on my Christmas playlist. If it wasn’t for those emails Spotify sends to let you know your favorite artists have released something new, this playlist would be an unofficial Christmas playlist. 

This month's cover is courtesy of said emails. Kina Grannis (often featured) released her cover of At Last (by Etta James). It took me a couple of listens to really get into it. You go in expecting Etta James, but that just sets you up for disappointment. Kina Grannis has her own style and this is exactly that. Beautiful in its own lane. 

A couple of radio overplays I've included are Perfect by Ed Sheeran and Bad At Love by Halsey. They're nothing "new" to discover but the songs are great despite radio stations abusing the replay button. 

The rest of the playlist consists of songs from my own personal (iTunes) library that just stuck. I often set music on shuffle and happen to come upon a song/album I own and somehow never really listened to. This usually happens when other songs in the album stay on repeat and by the time I'm sick of it, I skip them all on future "shuffle" drives. 

I hope you all enjoy. 

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