TEKSide Mix-October 2017


October's playlist is a little more "throwback" for me.

I found a few. The Beatles cover by Imaginary Future, an artist I discovered a while back. A couple of The Beatles songs always remind me of my dad and certain movies him and I watched growing up. He's the only one that would watch cartoons or children's movies with me and still be engaged after the thirtieth time (bless his heart!). To this day, he'll still put them on and sit, watch and laugh at them like it's his first time. Also, in case you think "aw, how sweet!", keep in mind this is also the man who thought it appropriate to play Cobra for a six year old. By age seven, I had watched the most popular movies from the late 80's and early 90's; Lethal Weapons, Dirty Dancing, Pretty Woman, Ferris Buellers' Day Off and many others. My dad gave zero foxes about film ratings and scarring your child!  I think back to these times and there's always a Beatles song playing. Hey Jude is the chosen one this month. 

Since I was on an Imaginary Future kick, I included the first song of his I listened to: I Knew This Would Be Love featuring his wife, Kina Grannis.

The majority of the others are ones I found via my Spotify Release Radar. Most were from artists I've previously "liked".

On the radio, I kept catching parts of this song. Eventually, I got Siri involved and she lead me to Praying by Kesha. I was shocked it was from her, so different from her previous work. I was pleasantly surprised and moved by the lyrics and her journey. 

I hope you all enjoy this mix.

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