TEKTOK Podcast - EP046 - Up Next - Sweet TEK Pick - Twitterrific on macOS

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This week my "Sweet TEK" (pick of the week) was Twitterrific for macOS. I am a loyal and highly satisfied user of Twitterrific on iOS. It handles multiple accounts for me with ease. Twitterrific is feature rich and beautiful to look at. When they announced plans for a Mac app, I will admit. I got excited. There is consistency in Twitterrfic on both platforms. New users of the Mac app will have no trouble adjusting to the desktop layout and UI. And as a bonus, if you buy Twitterrific for macOS, you will get access to some custom icons on the iOS version. (see image below)

Image 3.png


Twitterrific comes at a cost that could be considered high for some at $19.99. But if you love Twitterrific and are a Mac user, I recommend taking the plunge. The development team is highly active and always improving the product. Pick it up today in the Mac App Store. If you like it, maybe you can tweet the team at @iconfactory and let them know why in 280 characters or less.