TEKSide Mix-September 2017

My September listening was all over the place. In the best of ways, of course. 

This playlist includes some mainstream songs/artists, oldies, tv shows I've never watched... it's good. 

First of all, I've listened to a lot of Glee songs, playlists and I've never watched a single episode of this show. My love for covers doesn't discriminate. I recently discovered a Glee playlist on Spotify, and even though I own a couple of the albums, there's a lot I hadn't heard before. It was all I played for two days straight. But one of the first songs I ever heard, years ago, by the cast was The Only Exception (originally by Paramore). I chose this particular one as this month's cover song. A little throwback for y'all. 

For every time I've watched Dirty Dancing, I've listened to the soundtrack 30 times. It's always playing at some time or another. I have an iTunes Playlist for the movie because the original soundtrack excluded a lot of songs. Cry to Me by Solomon Burke is one of those, yet one of the best songs in the movie. It's included in this playlist with the highest honors. 

Everything else is newer stuff that was suggested by iTunes based on my past listens and purchases. 

I hope you all enjoy!

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