TEKSide Mix-December 2016

December is pretty hectic. There's crowds everywhere, you always need one more thing, one more trip, one more late night etc... Moments that make you wonder why the mall parking lot is so small or why can't you fit three dozen cookies in your oven at once are moments that could desperately use some unwinding. Enter December's playlist.

No Christmas music here, although there is such a playlist in my Spotify. There are ten songs and all of them are slow, acoustic ones. Great to play in the background of any task or just to get your brain to stop doing the overthinking thing. 

Aquilo is a group that's making a second appearance around these parts. I discovered them earlier this year and they're releasing a new album March 2017. Of course, I pre-ordered on iTunes and added one of the released singles to this playlist. The cover of the month is Make You Feel My Love by Sleeping at Last. You're probably familiar with his work but not his name. He was featured in Budweiser's "Lost Dog" Super Bowl XLIX Commercial. That's actually where I heard of him the first time. After I dried my tears, I looked to Twitter for information on this heart wrenching song. He does it again with Make You Feel My Love. 

I hope you all enjoy it as much as I. 

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