Minimalist Perfection - The Synthesis by Caudabe (an iPhone case review by Justin Klein)

Synthesis in Pink

Caudabe has been one of those case companies that continue to design and develop cases that typically meet most of my needs and requirements. I am always looking for a sleek, well built case, that offers the most protection without adding too much bulk. Well, they have done that with the Synthesis

I have owned several Caudabe cases over the years. Starting with the Veil for my iPhone 5S, then moving to the Veil XT. When I purchased my iPhone 6S, I decided to pick up a Veil XT for my phone. I have liked this case for the most part, but always got frustrated with how easily the plastic would develop scuff marks with careful usage. Trust me, I'm careful. I have bad OCD!

Later, Caudabe announced the Sheath. I quickly purchased one of these cases, but was disappointed by how the red color looked in person. I also could not get the case on my phone, but I believe that was because I had a defective unit. After a couple of months, I decided to re-buy the Sheath and was very satisfied with the Grey color. That case has been on my phone permanently until Caudabe was nice enough to send me out a couple colors of the Synthesis for review.

Let me first exclaim, I love this case. The case itself looks great and provides full body protection, without adding unnecessary bulk. It is easy to grip and hold in the hand. Caudabe claims that they used an advanced manufacturing technique on the Synthesis to make a smooth transition from the flexible perimeter to the hard shell back. The hard shell back is micro-etched and does a fantastic job of repelling those nasty fingerprints. Don’t worry, the back of the case is clear and allows you to show off the back of that beautiful iPhone, the way Jony Ive intended. The bezel of the case also has antenna line accents, making it feel like this case is apart of the phone. It seems that after a couple weeks of use I see no scuffs or scratches like I would have already seen with the Veil. The cut outs on this case are perfectly aligned with the Lightening port, headphone jack, speaker grill and the camera/flash. The alignment of the volume and power buttons seem to be spot on and show no signs of resistance. The only downside would be with the clear back. At times, debris can sneak in from the camera cut out. This is easily fixed by taking the case off and cleaning it, but it can be a pain at times. 

Overall, I am really enjoying this case and do not see myself switching from it anytime soon. I have found this case does not cause any interference with my day to day usage. This case meets all of my requirements and I would recommend it to anyone who asks. You can purchase this case for the iPhone 6S/6S Plus over at for $25.95. They offer 6 colors: black, gray, lilac, pink and blue. I have included a couple pics of all the different colors Caudabe sent me out for review.