TEKSide Mix-July 2016

This Spring and Summer I've dipped my toes in the electronic music genre, whilst maintaining a foot in my comfort zone: indie. A couple of the songs on this months playlist share these similarities. I've listened to trio Wet for hours on end this past month. I bought their album via iTunes a couple of months ago but I saw a live version of one of their songs on my recommended list on Spotify and the obsession re-started. Their songs have so much meaning and emotion, it's hard (nowadays) to love every single track on an album but they've managed to make that possible. If you're following along, you'll notice April's playlist included a song by them as well. There is another repeat offender from April's playlist as well but I'll leave the investigative work up to you. 

The algorithm Instagram elves are the reason for July's cover song. A couple of months ago I clicked on a video that featured Elvis' "Can't Help Falling in Love" in the most beautiful rendition. It's by Haley Reinhart (whom I later learned was a contestant on American Idol), it's raw yet sweet. I dare say I like it more than the original. I'm currently looking into her other covers and they do not disappoint! Don't be surprised if she makes a repeat appearance. 

Enjoy and hope you all find a new favorite to listen on repeat until you hate it. 

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