TEKTOK Podcast - EP029 - Nickel & Dimed - Sweet TEK Pick - Apple News App

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This week my "Sweet TEK" (pick of the week) was the Apple News app for iOS


I have really enjoyed the Apple News app on my iPhone but especially on my iPad. The content made up of news, blogs, topics and events tailored to my reading tastes make for a delightful experience. The layout is easy on the eyes and I fly though the news thanks to the integrated keyboard shortcuts. Apple News has become my go to place for catching up on the day's stories. It has replaced my RSS feed clients. It also gets more dedicated screen time than my Read It Later clients. The stories, the words and the images grab my attention and I'm more inclined to read the story then and there where previous behavior would have me save a link for later reading. I also look forward to future Apple News app enhancements coming with the full release of iOS 10 later this fall. 

What has your experience been with Apple News? Have you given Apple News a fair shake? You should.