TEKSide Mix-June 2016


More than half the songs from this months playlist are singles for albums to be released later this year. They're all available for pre-order which means there's something amazing to look forward to in the Fall. The thought of so much new music for my listening pleasure ... ah

My most favorite place in my home is my office slash library. Reading and books are my drug of choice, naturally, I spend a lot of time in bookstores. This past week I was at one, while perusing, I was distracted by the song playing. It had really catchy acoustics. I checked my phone and didn't have Shazam installed (why? I don't know!) and I was not about to get Siri at full volume telling me it couldn't hear the song. I decided to Google the one line I could clearly make out. This song that distracted me from my first love was "Just a Friend to You" by Meghan Trainor. A little shocked, but definitely a good one. 

This month, along with everyone else, I binge watched the fourth season of Orange is the New Black on Netflix. Along with everyone else, I became obsessed with the song played in the season finale; "Muddy Waters" by LP.

 June brought this hate fueled tragedy to our country. One of my favorite artists growing up, Christina Aguilera, released "Change" - a charity single that raises money for the Pulse nightclub victims. The lyrics are very simple but create a very powerful message. The message is something that needs to stick more than the lyrics. 

The featured cover is Whitney Houston's "How Will I Know" by Sam Smith. The man can sing my grocery list and I'd get goosebumps! My favorite covers are ones that don't try to mimic the artists/style of the original and can shine on it's own. This one does just that. 

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